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Our Ringneck Pheasants are raised in 100ft x 400ft flight pens. These large flight pens are seeded every year with dense cover to allow a healthy- strong flying bird.

                              Rooster   Hen

September 1st        $14.00     $13.50

October  1st             $14.50     $14.00

November 1st          $15.00     $14.50

December 1st          $15.50     $15.00

January 1st              $16.00     $15.50

February  1st           $16.50     $16.00

March  1st                $17.00     $16.50


**MONGOLIANS- Add $0.50*** 

Our Chukar are raised in 20ft x 100ft flight pens with the middle of our pens reaching around 13ft.  These expansive pens help develop a strong- healthy bird that hunters and dog trainers look for.


September         $8.75

October               $9.00

November           $9.25

December           $9.50

January               $9.75

February             $10.00

March                  $10.25


Bobwhite Quail

Raised in 20ft x 100+ft flight pen, our Quail are strong, healthy, flight-worthy birds!


September          $5.90

October               $6.00

November           $6.10

December           $6.20

January               $6.30

February              $6.40

March                   $6.50


Prices subject to change without notice. Please contact us for bird availability.

Price does not include tax.


Customer responsible for following all state and local regulations. 


Contracts are available for hunt clubs, field trials, etc. 


Delivery available at $1.00/mile round trip.  Fuel Surcharges may apply. 

Please understand these are living birds and we aim to reduce the stress on the birds. Any cancellation must be made 24 hours prior to scheduled pick up. 

Farm Pick Up & Biosecurity 

Please use the parking lot located at the entrance to our driveway.

Please do not drive past the farm gates, even if they are open. This is for biosecurity purposes.

We ask customers to schedule a pick up time that they can make. We prefer to catch the birds shortly before  you arrive as to reduce the stress on the birds and time the birds are in the crates. If you are running late please notify us via email, text, or call. 

Quail, Chukar, and Pheasant may be sold in cardboard transport box for $3.50/box.  Each box holds 25 Quail or 15 Chukar or 5 Pheasants.

Farm pick up is available at our front gate parking lot with your own crate. Transfer from our crate to yours is at your responsibility. We can not be responsible for any birds that might escape during the exchange. 

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